We are excited to invite local businesses to come together and support our Bear Hug: Comfort for Bereaved Siblings campaign 2024 by sponsoring our Dandelion Bear.

Your sponsorship will enable us to donate our Dandelion bears to your local hospital so the bereavement teams can offer bear hugs to siblings affected by baby loss.

Aching Arms has provided over 45,000 Comfort bears to date to over 190 hospitals across the UK for bereaved parents and it is our mission to extend this service and support to siblings who equally have empty arms and need hugs and support.

Why sponsor a Dandelion Bear?

1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss and there are approximately 250,000 miscarriages each year in the UK. Approximately 3000 babies are still born each year. The estimated neo natal death rate (under 28 days) in 2023 was 1 in 350 live births. This has a devastating impact on bereaved families and the support services of Aching Arms is there throughout their entire journey.

Your sponsorship will ensure that we can also fully support the siblings through this unimaginable journey with the Dandelion bear and resources to offer support and comfort and the knowledge that they are also not alone.

What impact will your sponsorship have?

When a parent losses their much loved baby, we know that their arms feel empty and they long to have something to hold onto, we know that our Comfort bears provide that much needed solace and we receive many requests from families and health professionals for additional bears for children who are grieving the loss of their sibling, and our Dandelion Bear makes the perfect comforter for siblings. 

"My children were exceptionally upset when their baby brother died, they were gifted a Dandelion Bear each, the bears are loved immensely, cuddled each night and provide a huge amount of comfort to both children"

The gift of a Dandelion Bear would mean so much to siblings who receive them. 

Feel free to downlaod our guide here for more information. 

Dandelion Bears can be sponsored here.

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