Thanks to the generosity of individual supporters and the organisations that they work for, over 160 hospitals now give Aching Arms bears to parents whose baby has died.

A gift, from one bereaved family to another, that allows a recently bereaved parent to know that they are not alone; that their baby’s life does matter; that the grief they feel can be shared.

But there are still many bereaved parents who leave hospital with little else but shattered dreams and aching arms.

There are many ways that your company can help to ensure that does not happen.  

Charity of the Year

Choosing to support Aching Arms as your charity of the year will make a real difference to bereaved parents. We will help you to involve your staff in a range of fundraising activities to raise much needed funds and create awareness of both your company and our charity.

Staff fundraising events

When a parent, supported by Aching Arms, returns to work following the loss of their baby, the sensitive words and unselfish actions of colleagues can mean so much. Organising a staff fundraising event is such a powerful way of saying and showing that you care.

Company donations

The growing number of company donations that we receive is simply thanks to supporters nominating Aching Arms for a donation from the charity committee, Christmas fund, trust or foundation of the company that they work for.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an easy and tax effective way for you to give a regular donation to Aching Arms which costs you less whilst giving us more.

To register and tell us how your company would like to be involved, please click here.

Bereavement Workplace Training

In the UK, around 3,000 babies are stillborn each year and thousands more couples experience early and late miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination for medical reasons, neonatal death or the death of an infant. 

Aching Arms knows first-hand how important it is that employers and their managers have the knowledge, understanding and skills to support bereaved employees whilst on leave and on their return to work. We offer a flexible training programme to meet your specific needs. We can offer you a comprehensive training session, in the workplace or online, a webinar module or a bespoke collaboration with your HR lead.

To find out more, please take a look at our Bereavement Workplace Training pdf.

Please click here to see a short video about the work we do and how companies can support us.

Click here to download the Aching Arms Strategy 2022-2025 document, 'Towards 2025 - Reaching Bereaved Parents in New Ways'.

My bear was a 'pause' button. The world stopped rushing by when she arrived. Our grief mattered.

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