Workplace Bereavement Training

For over 10 years, Aching Arms has supported the needs of bereaved parents after miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.  Alongside leading training with health professionals, we also have a training offer for employers.   This informs employers of how to sensitively support employees who experience this type of loss, looking at both the parents’ statutory rights to leave and how to sensitively plan their return to work.  More often than not, when support is not in place, employees underperform for an extended period or resign, which puts added pressure on the business.

The impact of baby loss is profound on both the mental and physical health of both parents.  We firmly believe that if an employer acknowledges, understands and supports an employee in the best way they can, the mental health of a bereaved parent will be much improved and the lasting impacts will not be so damaging. We offer a flexible training programme to meet your specific needs. We offer comprehensive training sessions or a bespoke collaboration with your HR lead.

We are delighted to have led successful training programmes for a broad range of companies including Zurich Insurance UK, The Home Office, Women's Defence Network, Atrium Underwriters Ltd, Baker Labels, Royal Air Force and Tradex Insurance Services.

I feel better prepared to support those affected by loss, which language to use, to use the babies' name where relevant, not to try to fix the feelings of loss.

Training A

Acknowledging, Understanding and Supporting Bereaved Parents in the Workplace: Awareness Webinar.

This session will give employers an overview of the needs of bereaved parents and how an employer/manager can sensitively offer support.

Time: 45 min input & 15 mins Q&A

Training B

As Training A, but with extra time dedicated to two specific topics of interest.

Time: 45 min input, 30 min closer look at TWO specific topics & 15 min Q&A

Choice of two of the following topics for Training B:

  • Knowledge of types of pregnancy and baby loss including neonatal, SUDI and fertility treatment
  • Statutory leave allowances, pre and post 24 weeks, your workplace policy
  • Sensitive communication whilst on leave
  • Returning to work
  • Ongoing support

Training C

Bespoke session created according to your needs.
Cost: To be quoted after specifics have been discussed.

If you are interested in discussing our training, please contact helen@achingarms.co.uk

Really impressed with the session and wish such support had been available to me many years ago when I lost my baby at 20 weeks.

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