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Each Aching Arms bear is given as a gift from one bereaved family to another, to let you know that you are not alone. Our beautiful comfort bears wears a personalised, handwritten label with the name of the baby in whose memory the bear was donated. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only purchase this item if you wish to send a comfort bear to a friend or family member who is bereaved. Each bear will come with a dedication tag with the name of the baby whose family has donated it. If you wish for a personalised dedication tag please ensure to write the details clearly in the gift message box on the order page stating that you want this to be the dedication name .

If you are a bereaved parent and would like one of our comfort bears then please click the 'Request a bear' tab. Please remember to leave a gift message, or any other information we may need to know, in the box provided. 

BEAR DONATION: If you wish to donate a bear in memory of your baby then please click the 'Donate' button at the top of the page, please remember to leave the dedication details in the space provided. 

DELIVERY: It can take up to 21 days for our Comfort bears to be delivered. Please email shop@achingarms.co.uk with any queries.

Height 20cm, beige fur

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