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On Sunday 2nd July 2023, Birmingham City training ground was transformed into a sanctuary for a group of courageous dads, ready to play a match in memory of their babies. The atmosphere was a real mix of emotions. There was laughter, cheers and some tears, but it was exactly what was needed, a safe space to come together in solidarity and find comfort in each other's company.  What warmed our hearts even more was the undeniable bond formed between these dads. As they shared their experiences and played, it was apparent they were not alone in their journey of grief and loss.  The power of collective healing was noticeable as friendships were forged and shoulders were lent on.  This was more than just a game. 

Whilst we may not have won, 12-1 to The Lily Mae Foundation, the game proved to be a positive day for all involved.  It was an extraordinary testament to the resilience of bereaved families that have experienced pregnancy and baby loss. Through the power of sport, connection and remembrance, bereaved fathers found solace, strength and a renewed sense of hope. The impact of this event will resonate far beyond the game itself, serving as a reminder that even in the face of our loss, we can find comfort in the company of others who understand our pain. Together, we can heal, honour and remember the precious babies that have forever touched our hearts.

Here at Aching Arms, we recognise the importance of connecting with others who have endured similar heartache.  This is why we have set up the Be Together Project. It means a great deal to us to be able to collaborate with other pregnancy and baby loss charities and organisations to host amazing events like this.  The Be Together events are an opportunity for bereaved parents, siblings and the wider family, to come together with other bereaved families to find comfort, friendship and support, whilst creating new memories together. Held throughout the UK, they will provide an opportunity to spend time together doing activities such as crafts, fishing, chocolate making, tree planting and lantern making with others who have some understanding of what you have experienced.  This is not a traditional support group, there is no expectation that you will discuss your story, but if you choose to, you can share it with those around you.

We have been awarded a grant from Global's Make Some Noise charity, that will go towards funding our Be Together events over the next two years. 

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