Black Baby Loss Awareness Week is 13th - 19th May


How did Black Baby Loss Awareness come about?

Alicia Burnett, a Tommy's midwife founded Black Baby Loss Awareness in 2023 to raise awareness of services and support available to Black communities.

Why is Black Baby Loss Awareness Week important?

Black Baby Loss Awareness Week is important because there is a disproportionately high mortality rates impacting Black and Black mixed heritage babies in the UK.

We understand from published statistics both from Tommy's and The Office of National Statistics that unfortunately Black and Black Mixed-Heritage women and birthing people are 43% more likely to experience miscarriage. They are also almost 50% more likely to experience stillbirth, and Black babies have the highest infant mortality rates in the country.

Black families are also least likely to access support following pregnancy, which is why it is crucial to ensure Black families know where they can go to access support when they experience pregnancy loss and baby loss.

Whilst this week focuses on black baby loss there is a broader goal here to improve outcomes and support for ALL parents experiencing baby loss. We hope this week helps to address disparities within healthcare and community support.

Along with other baby loss charities, we feel everyone deserves the same opportunities for support and the best care possible following pregnancy and baby loss.

If you would like to understand more about Black Baby Loss Awareness and why this week is needed, we would like to take this opportunity to sign post you to further reading here:

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You can also find further information about this week's events by following @blackbabylossawaress page on Instagram here

Our Supporting Arms Team is here to support anyone who has been affected by pregnancy loss and baby loss. We are here for you, you can find more information about our Support Service here. 

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