Every Story Matters - Covid 19 Inquiry


Every Story Matters - Aching Arms, along with 12 other pregnancy and baby charities, are Core Participants in Module 3 of the Covid19 Inquiry.

We would like to invite members of our Aching Arms community, who were pregnant during the Covid19 Pandemic, to share their experience of health care during this time. We know, it isn't an easy thing to do so please only do so if you are feeling able. 

Our Supporting Arms team are here for you if you want to to talk after sharing your story. We know there were incredibly challenging situations for anyone pregnant or whose partner was pregnant during the pandemic and we want to ensure your voices are heard along with the parents from the other charities in our Core Participant Group. We don't want the same traumas to be repeated, that is why we decided to speak up and participate in the inquiry. 

To find out more and share your story please click here to access the Covid 19 Public Inquiry website. 

If you would like to speak to someone in our team after sharing story, you can contact our Supporting Arms Team on: 07464 508994 or email support@achingarms.co.uk. You can find more information about our Supporting Arms Service here.


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