our guide today for bereaved dads entitled ‘You are a Dad…you always will be’ written by Tom Donaldson. Tom Donaldson Author of our dads guide: ‘You are a Dad…you always will be’. The front cover of our guide for bereaved dads entitled ‘You are a Dad…you always will be’.


We are very proud to launch our guide for bereaved dads entitled ‘You are a Dad…you always will be’.

It has been an honour to work with author Tom Donaldson who has not only told his personal story of his son Joshua, but also shares some of the theories behind grief, what helps and what doesn’t and includes the practical strategies that helped him.

We initially will work alongside the hospitals who give out our bears to provide these books as a free gift for Dads whilst they are in hospital.

However, for all dads there is our monthly online group and our dads designated support line, for more information about dads support please contact dadsupport@achingarms.co.uk or 07754 436133.

Information for dads who may have received our book:

You may have come home from the hospital with our dads guide ‘You are a dad…. You always will be’ if this is the case there are full details of all our support services for dads in the inside cover. Take your time as you go through this book, there is no rush, it is created to be dipped in and out of as you move through the first few months following the loss of your baby.

At the moment we are only providing these guides via the hospitals who gift our bears as this is a new venture for Aching Arms, however, please keep an eye on our support page here for updates and when this changes we will let you know.

If you are a Health Professional and would like more information on our guide for dads, please see our webpage here. 


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