our Volunteer Kay, wearing glasses


Watch Kay's video here and hear her story.

Kay says: 

"Hi I am Kay, I am an Aching Arms volunteer, I joined as a volunteer almost three years ago, in that time, I've done  dedications on bears, I've dropped bears to hospitals and at the moment I'm trying to get hospitals that have lapsed, to re-engage, and get some new hospitals on board. 

Volunteers are vital to Aching Arms. It's a small staff team, and they rely on their volunteers, up and down the country to help get the message out, to dedicate the bears, to drop off bears, and a whole host of other things. 

I came across Aching Arms, after my daughter sadly lost her baby. One of the things she said to me shortly afterwards, was by dedicating bears, she knew his name was out there and he existed. I think that matters.

I hope that more people will consider volunteering with Aching Arms. They look after their volunteers very well. I've worked in volunteer engagement for many, many, many years and I think Aching Arms is one of the best organisations I've come across, supporting volunteers. 

Have a lovely volunteers week. It's been going for over 30 years now. So enjoy it, know that you're valued, and continue the good work."

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