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Raven says:

"I first came to know about this amazing charity, Aching Arms when my daughter, Vegas Monroe was born sleeping in 2018. I found out my daughter had passed away at a routine 30 week appointment, the next few days were spent at the hospital until I gave birth to my daughter.

Whilst waiting for my daughter to arrive, my midwife gave me, my Aching Arms bear and explained how this charity was able to support people just like me. It gave me the comfort of not feeling alone on this journey I had found myself on. There were lots of other people just like myself who had unfortunately found themselves walking the same path. It filled my arms, that would have otherwise been empty as I walked out of the hospital without my daughter and gave me a connection to a support network on my journey forward. 

I started volunteering for Aching Arms as I felt I wanted to give back to a charity that had given me so much. The first role I had was preparing bears and delivering them to my local hospital’s maternity ward, where I was first gifted my own bear, this gave me such privilege to know that other parents were going to receive these bears in their darkest times and bring a little light to them, like it did me. I then began my role as a postal volunteer which was much more involved, I prepared bears each week to be sent to bereaved parents.

I now have sent around 1,000 bears to numerous hospitals and parents and I am so proud to be part of this amazing team. Aching Arms means so much to us as a family and I am so grateful that I get to help."

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